London Bridge please do not fall down as yet, as I decided to live here for few months. Yes, it is another of those moments when people go: ‘What? Just ‘Hekk”? (Maltese for ‘like this’). It is actually the third time I am doing this. The first time is when I moved to Sydney with my beautiful friend Nirvana and the second time with my super friend David when we backpacked around the world for a whole year. I believe that the best decisions are the ones that do not waste too much of your time. The hardest thing is deciding when to go. When you do, the rest is easy…..or not so difficult. So as  we say in Malta, ‘Fuq tlieta toqghod il-borma’ (literal translation- ‘The pot stays on three’ !!)

World Shall We Go - London

I landed at Heathrow Airport. My ………….. (Oxford dictionary still needs to invent an adjective to describe this amazing person) friend Benedict* was kind enough to let me stay at his for the first night as our house was not ready yet.  If you are in London you go to Buckingham Palace and if you are with a guy called Benedict you have to go for Breakfast or Brunch. Benedict chose a place called ‘The SchoolHouse’. Once inside a trip down memory lane….everything is school themed.

World Shall We Go?

The menus look like a scrap book and they even get your bill nicely placed in a children’s book. I had an Oliver moment as the food was glorious in every way. I had ‘Mrs. Brunch’ (yes I did choose it for the name).  It is a ‘Sautéed mixed peppers, kale & hazelnut pesto mushrooms and baby spinach, topped with fresh rocket, pico de gallo, grilled halloumi, avo and a poached egg on toasted poppy & rye sourdough’. If you are in London this is a must. #theschoolhouse


I just could not believe it. I am moving house again. In my mind, I was going: ‘Pete are you serious?’ But in my heart, it felt right and I always prefer to follow my heart and not my mind. I mean, I don’t mind! I was about to move in with model/singer and friend Kelly. She found us a beautiful house in southwest London. And boy, she did a very good job. I met Kelly at Eurovision so ‘Douze Points’ to you Kelly. First problem – central heating. Ma! How does it work? Do we leave it on all day and night? Problem solved. There is a timer! Growing up on a hot island central heating is a London thing. How can I live in Malta again without central heating? Help!

As soon as I unpacked  I had to pack again to go to New York with my friend Kurt. Check out my  ‘Do More of What Makes you Happy’ Blog for details.


Back in London, I had to start job hunting. But it was Saturday.So job hunting had to wait. My lovely friend from Malta, Pat, was in town and we made sure to catch up over few fun ‘PATsy and Edina’ London things. We went for brunch at an all time fav ‘Sketch’. What a place. It really feels like a  phantasmagorical dream. Make sure you book as you will not get in. The hostesses (dressed as a cross section between angels and fairies) escorted us downstairs. Everywhere around you is Art Art Art and more Art.  Whoever interior designed this place is a  legend. The food (on the expensive side) was very good but the portions are small. But you do not go to ‘Sketch’ just to eat.  This place will transport you to an art bubble where time stood still.Having said that it is a combination of the glorious 20’s with a 2020 twist.  Before you leave venture to the toilets – individual enormous egg-shaped cabins. It feels like you are in some Starwars movie set. Just check out their website to get a feel of what this place is. When in London make sure you check it out. You will go back and back again. #sketch

SKETCH london


I do not particularly like Camden Market but we found a Vintage Fair at the Irish Centre in Camden. So we head there, pay £2 entrance fee and we find ourselves in a massive hall full of antiques and one off cool pieces. We were in Retro heaven. They also had a lovely cafe area with tea, cakes and delicious sandwiches. The combined smell of retro chic items and tea made me buy two things. I bought danish coasters and a Twiggy Record. On the way back we bought a Lottery Ticket. On the train, we jotted down a list of things we will do if we win. Grand Prize is £37 million. I mean….. And to end our fabulous day we went to tea (=dinner in the UK) at a very cute pub called ‘Sherlock Holmes’ which obviously triggered one of my stupid puns….’Keep on Dreaming Sherlock….Holm’ (Sorry you need to be very Maltese to get this one).


Shows, models, photographers, bloggers, celebs, wannabes, lots of designer wear – names, names, names sweety! London Fashion Week (LFW) is here and the best way to introduce your body and soul to the mayhem of the next few days is to attend the  ‘Model Village’ welcome party at the super trendy exclusive club ‘Little Tape’, which is actually the Vip area of the main club ‘Tape’.

Peter London Fashion Week

This place is sick in oh so many ways.. It is the hottest swankiest club in town and getting in is not easy. You need to be a member, be on the list or maybe you know a celebrity or you are an A-list celebrity.  Place was packed and happening. Cocktails were super  deli and the crowd looked trendy and very fashion baby. My model gorgeous brand ambassador of the night friend, Sara, made me feel straight at home and we had few laughs. I love the fact that people go out early here. I was home by 1 am and I enjoyed the following day to the full…..except for my broken neck. If you are at a model party you have to make sure you look at everyone. More detailed report on LFW 17 in my next blog. Sashay, Shante!


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