After consulting my festival expert friend Lor Glitz I decided to venture into the world of ‘We Are FSTVL’ – a yearly dance festival held close to Upminster. With a VIP ticket in hand (you must be saying VIP why? You will soon get to know), I started my research on what to wear. In London, it can be hot, rainy, windy, and cold. So layering is the way to go. But I choose not to. Don’t ask me why. Fast forward and festival weekend is here.

Festival dates happened to be on the first weekend when the UK was under severe terror threat. Festival plans went ahead. I did get people telling me I should not go. But that was never an option. Not going is fear. Not going is losing. Not going is missing out. So with my head to toe festival attire, I made my way to the train station together with my flattie and two friends.

After sharing two bottles of ProSecco we arrive at Upminster. Streets packed. People queuing for the free shuttle bus. Everything looks under control.  In a few minutes, we arrive at the location. By the way, it is sunny. Very sunny. Once inside I got this feeling that it’s gonna be a good one. The organisation of it all is impeccable and the many tents are already pretty full with people dancing and getting into the mood. It is noon.

Someone, please call a doctor because the line-up is sick. Decisions are not easy. So I organise a quick field meeting with the team so that we can decide the way forward. We got a VIP ticket to be able to get into Solomun’s tent. ‘Glitter Box’ is a disco heaven. MK is a legend. ‘Circo Loco’ Terminal is a must.

Everyone who is or was someone in the Dance Music Industry is here: Basement Jaxx, Carl Cox, David Morales, Dennis Ferrer, Duke Dumont, Marco Carola, Enzo Siracusa, Jamies Jones, Seth Troxler, Sven Vath and my fav brothers, The Martinez Brothers.

I feel we need to explore and mingle. We are……organised and ready to go.

The crowd is more important than the lineup. People here are friendly, trendy and they wear lots of accessories and glitter. They have got the moves and are not shy to show them off.

Drinks are not that expensive. There is free water. The cubicle queue is not bad. The sun is still shining and it feels safe. We go to all the tents but we spend most of the time in the Vip section. It is comfortable. It is happening and wasting time walking from one tent to another is not a good idea.

The Music is also very important. If you like tech-house, house, disco, and electronic sounds you feel at home. For the record (pun intended), day VIP tickets cost around £70-£90 (depends on when you buy them). You can also camp in many forms than one.

At this stage, I remind myself that this is not the only festival happening this summer. So if I do not stay until the very end it is fine.There are lots more. For more details check out my Summer Festivals Blog

Time flies. It is 2300 hours already. I decide to head home and avoid all the hassle. I start my walk towards the exit. I look back. People are still dancing. As the music fades away, I jump onto the first shuttle bus to the train station. Once on the train, I look at the pictures on my phone and smile.

On the way out I was given a flyer to buy early bird tickets for ‘WE Are 2018’. You gotta love the Brits.

Credits – WE ARE FSTVL

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