Back in London Town and back on the trains reading the newspapers. What a week! Mel B has filed for divorce after claims that Mr.Belafonte beat her and forced ¬†her to participate in kinky sex; Barry MANilow¬† decided to shock the world by finally coming out (the very first Copacabana notes are a giveaway); and a recent research shows that the people who push into queues top the list of what makes the Brits furious. Now the latter made me think. I agree with most of them and sadly I sometimes make some of them happen. But hey who doesn’t?


And although she is not a thing, Kim Kardashian made it to No.26 and ‘too many adverts on Television’ at No.18.

My favourite one has to be No.11 – ‘People in cars who do not say thank you when you let them out of a junction’. I find this really rude and irritating. I mean does it take much to signal thank you?

I was quite surprised that Wardens are at No.28. They will be in the top ten on my list. And ‘smokers’ is at No.12.

Long blogs can be irritating. So I am only listing the top ten list of things that make people angry.

1. People who push into queues

2. Bad drivers

3. Sales calls at home

4. Rude shop assistants

5. People who cough but do not cover their mouth

6. Screaming children in a public place

7. People who eat with their mouth open

8. People talking on the phone loudly

9. Traffic Jams

10. People who hog the middle lane of the motorway

What about you? What irritates you the most?  Oh, hold on. My flatmate just walked in, furious at the neighbours. Maybe they should be on the list too.

See you next time

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