Whether you are traveling or residing anywhere in the world, going out at night is always one of the top priorities. And maybe drink a little bit too much. Here is my Top Ten list of things people say to their friends when under the influence. These are matched up with the next day scenario. Here is how it works. Simple. Match Number 1 of ‘NIGHT TIME ’  to Number 1 of  ‘THE FOLLOWING DAY’  and so on and so forth. And if you can think of more feel free to comment.

NIGHT TIME – when we drink.

1- If you ever happen to be in my home country please do let me know. I will show you around and you can stay at my place.

2 -I know someone who can really help you get a new contact.

3- Let us catch a plane and go somewhere now.

4-I have to tell you something but I promised not to tell so do not tell anyone. It’s a secret.

5-Loving it here we have to come back next week.

6-I love you so much.

7-We have to stay till the end!

8-You, see that one? S/he has been running and bugging me to go out with her/him forever!

9-OMG there is my Ex. I do not want her/him to know I was here.

10-If you want to leave now take my car and I will get a cab. No prob at all.

THE FOLLOWING DAY – when reality hits.

1- I do not have a guest room and I live with my family.

2- Actually the one I was thinking of does not work there anymore.

3-I am really broke.

4-Ermm why exactly did I reveal that secret?

5-Next week I am going to be abroad or on a boat or I have work.

6-I need to get a life.

7-I should have left at 2.

8-By the way it was not him/her. I mistook him/her for someone else.  I was too drunk by that time!

9-Pic on Instagram with location and name of the club.

10 -Where is my car?

Conclusion - Drink Less!

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