Last minute travel plans are my new thing. No countdowns. No ‘I cannot wait’. This is what happened when I bought a flight to visit my friend Hector in Tenerife. Top priority is to spend time with my friend and I do not google ‘what to do in…’ I have no expectations, but….

Fun fact РThe look of disbelief on the faces of the Brits when landing in Tenerife is utterly hilarious. Basically, we leave London in full on sunshine mode. But Tenerife is cloudy and very grey. I can understand the shock as in Tenerife Summer is a whole year deal. (I panicked a bit too). 

Visiting a place with a local is simply the best. They know better. First stop is at¬†a typical Canarian restaurant called ‘Varadero Viejo’ in Las Galletas. Friendly service, nice atmosphere, and very good seafood. Nothing fancy. The flavour is simple but very distinct.

Travelling with people who always look on the positive side of things is a mega plus. So Basically, it is still very cloudy. But Hector goes, ‘no problem, we will chase the sun.’ What does he mean? Is he joking? No, he is dead serious. After a 30 minute drive, we find ourselves on Mt El Teide with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. Mt Teide is a dormant volcano with Spain’s tallest peak.

Down below there is Tenerife covered in clouds. This contributes to a spectacular sunset. I have never seen something like this before. Hector is a very talented photographer. So he brilliantly managed to capture these unique moments. Click on his name for more details about his work.

We wait for darkness to fall. And there is one good reason for this. The sky of the Teide National Park is certified as a ‘Starlight Destination’. Stargazing here is very popular. You can even see the wonderful¬†misty¬†band that is the Milky Way. This is a pure spectacle. A fantastic sensation. I feel free. I simply cannot find the right words to describe the sensations of being out there.¬†From Tenerife, 83 of the 88 officially recognised constellations can be seen. Fact.

In Tenerife, you can book a three-hour cruise to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Dolphins swimming and playing next to our boat while sipping some Prosecco is my ideal kind of Saturday morning. We opted not to sail next to the¬†whales, due to the fact that we preferred to have a swim by the imposing cliffs. The sensation of wild nature mixed with very good company made me want to stay there all day. But we had ‘Ritmos del Mundo’ festival to go to.


The festival is fun but not my kind of music. Unlike me the night is young. So after a very late Sushi dinner, we head to a Drag Show bar. Forget the Drag Queens, as Hector and his friends, Pierre and Raul are the show. (If I remember correctly I get on stage too ). The show is mediocre but it is a good laugh. Even though Tenerife is a Spanish island, it is not Ibiza.  But if you are in for dancing and hot people it can be interesting and adventurous.

Sleeping for 4 hours is not highly recommended. But it is when you know there is a helicopter ride waiting for you. We make our way to Helidream. While you wait you can drink coffee, soft drinks or champagne. The ride is awesome and ‘Helidream’ make sure you have the best and safest experience. They have different packages for everyone’s pocket. If you are in Tenerife this is a MUST.

Tip – Rent a car.

I am a foodie. So I simply have to recommend these two different restaurants with similar names. One is for meat lovers – El Cordero. Once inside it feels like you are in a jungle. The service is friendly and they have the best meat on the island. A very popular place with the locals too. And that is such a giveaway.

My last lunch on this beautiful island is at El Caldero – the one for fish lovers at La Caleta. We opt for a selection of seafood starters and a Bogavante (aka lobster) as a main. This seafront restaurant ticks all the boxes. This makes it even more difficult to depart. I just cannot leave Tenerife.

It is one of those holidays where I had tears in my eyes at the Departure Lounge. My drama queen persona is out but all for a good reason. Gracias Hector. Gracias Tenerife.

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