They say London is expensive but hey if you ask around you can find very good deals and save money. So my friend Kurt introduced me to #3mobile ‘s fantastic pay as you go deal. It is time to share this with all of you. I have no intention to bore you with details but please do read the following. With just  £25 – £35 a month  you get from 200 – 500 free minutes to any  UK mobile phone not just in the UK but even when you are away (around 40 countries), unlimited SMSes, and listen to this – UNLIMITED 3G or 4G in many destinations including the United States, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Sweden and Hong Kong. How cool is that!

Ok now that I shared my little secret let us move on. Spending time on a  train can be lots of fun if you know how to use your time. It takes me around 25 minutes to get into the city and sometimes it is not enough for what I have in mind to accomplish during my travel time.  Sometimes I work, sometimes I ‘people watch’.  Reading the free newspapers given at every station can be very entertaining.  I am sharing today few interesting ones I happen to read on the tube.

1-A heavy metal fan in Bolivia has named his baby boy ‘Iron Maiden’. Daddy said he wants his child to be ‘a little beast and a little devil’- just like the British band’s mascot Eddie.

2-A Restaurant owner is hosting Scalextric nights for blokes to relive their childhood.

3-Millions of UK eggs will loose their free range status briefly following steps to prevent the spread of bird flu.

4-More than 75 girls were sent home from a West Midlands school after staff said their trousers were too tight. Girls were all in tears.

5-Dog owners are three times more attractive than cat owners. These data emerged from a poll of  1,000 Brits by online dating site ‘Elite Singles’.


Another interesting article introduced me to  ‘Emojipedia’? Jeremy Burge runs it from Google Campus. He is the founder of the world’s  🌎 biggest emoji archive. He recently revealed that the ‘tears of joy’ face and ‘a shrug’ are among the most used ways Londoners express themselves on social media. And here is the ‘Klassifika’

1-Tears of Joy 😂

2-Shrugging 🤷

3-Red Heart ❤️

4-Heart-eyes 😍

5-Fire 🔥

6-Thinking 🤔

7-UK flag 🇬🇧

8-Smirk 😏

9-Wink 😉

10-Party 🎉

Random Anecdote.The other day a lady on the train (this is not a joke) attracts my attention and goes  ‘ You pout a lot. Why are you pouting?’ I smiled and googled ‘pouting’ emoji. Yes it exists. 🙎 But do I really pout a lot? Maybe.

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