I finally made it to London. Moved into our new house. ‘Our’ stands for Kelly and myself. Exciting.But I tell you all about that in my next blog,as 17 hours after stepping in the new house I was on my way to Heathrow to catch a plane to the place where there’s nothing you can’t do – New York City. Some people call me mad but hey travelling is my passion and it makes me happy.

Thanks to my lucky stars and to my good friend Mr X , I got upgraded to upper class on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Panic plus joy . Ye panic : Am I dressed appropriately to strut the UC aisle? Will I bump into someone famous? But hey I am in UC to the Big Apple so who cares? Panic  + joy = Mile High  Cosmopolitan cocktail. #virginatlantic what a pleasant flight. Ten points to staff – food – comfort – safety.


New York – Hello! Feels so good to be back.

They say only a true New Yorker can show you the real New York. Two hours after touchdown  I met my dear friend, global traveler , Eric. And he did live up to what they say as  he showed me some fab hangouts and places. So here are things to do if it is not your first time in New York (or even if it is)


59, Grove St., NY 10014  If you are looking for pure fun and different entertainment this place is for you. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village this bar comes alive after 8pm when the Pianist starts playing Broadway classics . Anyone at the bar can sing and dance along. Keep an eye for many celebrities who love going there. Drew Barrymore loves it. The atmosphere is electrifying and unique. Oh,  and if you like Jazz, check out ‘Arthur’s Tavern’ right next door to Marie’s. #mariescrisis



If for a night  or two you want to feel like  Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’ you need to stay at this luxury hotel overlooking Central Park and  Manhattan’s skyscrapers. It is truly a spectacular hotel in more ways than one. And before checking out they give you a ‘forget-me-not’ seed  from Central Park for you to plant in your garden. https://taj.tajhotels.com/en-in/the-pierre-new-york/


What a cool place. Valletta indoor market please take note. But I am pretty sure it is a bit late already. When I go to places like this I feel so annoyed that in our country we have potential of creating something similar but the wrong people are regularly chosen for the wrong job. Rant over. The list of shops is never-ending. I mean even the names are cool! We had time to taste  few delicious and very well priced  oysters and  other yummy foods at ‘Cull & Pistol’  and  did some shopping at the adorable artisan space called ‘Artists and Fleas’. Here is a full list of shops  http://www.chelseamarket.com/index.php/Shops


It was such a pleasure to catch up with local designers Charles & Ron who are in New York for their 6th Fashion Week.  They make us all proud. Besides being very talented they are both super nice and we had few laughs over few beers and some wine at  the super chic  The Standard  High Line Hotel, which they introduced me to.  http://www.standardhotels.com/new-york/properties/high-line



Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  A Broadway show is a must. The list of shows  is endless and  it changes from time to time. Together with my friend Kurt, we watched ‘Kinky Boots’. What a feel good musical.  And the talent. This show has all the ingredients of an unforgettable Broadway Musical and it is composed by the legendary Cyndi Lauper. For discounted tickets visit one of the three TKTS booths. https://www.tdf.org/nyc/7/TKTS-ticket-booths  I also recommend getting the hottest tickets in town -‘Sunset Boulevard’ with Glenn Glose.



This place is few metres away from the super touristy Times Square. But do not let this dishearten you. It is truly unique and it comes with its own S.T.A.R programme : Service Tailored to Any Request. You can drink, eat or stay. If you are there after 6 pm make sure you check out their fabulous Haven Roof Top. Check site for event details. http://www.sanctuaryhotelnyc.com/default-en.html



If besides walking to shop you like to walk for other reasons the High Line is for you. Inspired by a similar project in Paris, this 2.33 km linear park is built on the disused southern portion of the West Side Line running to the Lower West Side of Manhattan. We were lucky enough to enjoy a very beautiful sunset while walking through this wonder. If you are reading this as I post make sure you check their site as due to snow it is closed down as we speak. http://www.thehighline.org/

And if like me you always dreamt of getting a glimpse of the 70’s Disco Mecca, go to the entrance of Studio 54 – the club that changed the history of disco music.  From Michael Jackson to Andy Warhol, from Madonna to Liza Minelli and Mick Jagger, Elton John and Donna Summer. Together with the city’s trendiest crowd they danced the night away. If you  did make it through the velvet rope, a night filled with debauchery , fabulous music and lots of surprises was guaranteed. Studio 54 is a former nightclub and currently a Broadway theatre located at 254 West 54th Street between Eighth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan. Unfortunately The Club closed it’s doors in the mid 80’s  and so you need to close your eyes and imagine what used to happen behind the famous glass doors. But before doing so please make sure you have fiery imagination.

I fell in love with New York  City all-over again. Alicia is so right – ‘No place in the world that can compare’. This city gave me so much energy that I am finding hard to sleep. However, I am not New York city and I need to get my  sleep. Next city is…. LONDON


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