I do not want to go to Burning Man. I read about it but I never thought of actually going.

One day my friend Tiffany rings me and says we have to go. We gather a crowd of six people and start planning a year ahead. Group disintegrates. I lose interest and my RV deposit.
A few weeks before the actual festival I get another call. Tiffany tells me she still wants to go and she thinks I should join. At that time I was living in London and I felt it was not my year to go. But the next morning I woke up with a different view. I decide to go and by the rest of this post, you will gather that I did.
I am not writing this blog so you read what a fantastic experience Burning Man is. I am sure that you will realise that from all the photos and clips. But I will today make a list of what you need to prepare once you decide to go.
Burning Man is fabulous but expensive. If you are broke and you are not going to save at least 4,500 euro in the next few months stop reading this post after the next sentence. Having said this, if you plan not to travel anywhere else next year you can do it. The hardest part is deciding to go. When you actually do, the rest it is not as difficult as it seems.
BOOK an RV (Recreational Vehicle = Camper Van). The earlier you book it the cheaper. It also depends on where you will be driving it from. I find that the cheapest option is driving from Las Vegas, which is approximately nine hours to BRC (Black Rock City). BRC is the location in Nevada where Burning Man is held.¬† There are several ones online but I would recommend¬† ‘Cruise America’.They are efficient, helpful and have been renting RV’s forever. The RV is equipped with everything. There is a kitchen with utensils, a hob, an oven, a microwave, a fridge, a freezer, a toilet and a shower, tables and obviously beds, sheets, and towels. If you are a group of four I suggest renting an RV that fits six. Once you go there you know what I mean. Do not worry if you use all the water in the tank. At Burning Man there are water¬†bowsers that supply water for a small charge – two dollars per gallon.¬† But also do not forget to empty the grey/black water.¬† There is another truck that provides this service once you are on the Playa. Ah yes! In the Rv, there is also an Air Conditioner that works with a generator. However, do NOT¬† leave the AC on for a long period of time. Prior to the road trip, I suggest having a look at the Rv’s Guidance video. The actual journey to Burning Man can be as much fun as the event itself. Awaiting pleasure is pleasure in itself.
Go to Burning Man’¬†s official site and create a Burner Profile. This allows you to be able to buy a ticket. On the site, there is also all the necessary information. Do not read it all at once as it can drive you mad. Read a section day by day and enjoy getting all the knowledge.¬† Reading is vital to get as much information as you can. Burning Man is NOT a normal holiday.
And this is the hardest part of it all. But do not worry. There are many ways how to get tickets. NEVER buy tickets from people you do not know. If you do not manage to buy a ticket from the actual site make sure you buy tickets at their face value. Check out Burning Man’s ticket section¬†for all the ticket sales details. Presale starts on January 25th, 2018. These are the most expensive tickets. But do not worry. Later on, the 425 dollars ticket sale will be up and running. You need to be super fast. If you do not manage the first time keep on trying. Later on during the year, there is also the famous OMG sale. Many people manage to get tickets here. There are also reliable Facebook pages that are very helpful when it comes to ticket guidance. Try and avoid picking up tickets before entering the actual festival¬† (Will Call) as this might result in longer hours queuing¬†to get in. It is also vital to buy a ticket for your RV. It is not expensive and easy to find.
Once you park your RV there is no driving at BM. To go from one place to another you need a bike. Prior to the event, you need to buy a bike. You can find a brand new one for around 120 American dollars.  I suggest to check out KMART. After the event is over you CANNOT leave your bike or any other trace behind you. If you cannot carry the bike to your next destination you can leave it at one of the fuel stations. You can make a few people happy. And Burning Man is all about giving and not expecting anything in return.
Do not worry if dressing up is not your thing. You do not have to dress up. You can wear whatever you want. Or you can opt not to wear anything at all. No one will give you bad looks. However, if you love dressing up you are heading to the right place. You can be as creative and crazy as you like. The sky is the limit. Every year there is a theme. 2018 is IROBOT. You do not have to follow the theme but one themed costume is fun. If you decide to dress up you only need three good outfits. The rest you can wear ‘normal’ clothes and then accessorize. I got most of my fabulous outfits and accessories from Like Mary.¬†At Burning Man you can introduce your own style and there are no rules to follow.
Burning Man is held in the desert. It is dark, so one needs to accessorize with lights. Make sure at night you have some kind of light on, especially in the dark. You do not want to get run over by another bike.
At night Burning Man can be magical and overwhelming. There are lights everywhere. The surroundings are truly spectacular. And you can contribute to all this. So buy lots of lights and batteries.
There are no restaurants, bars or food vans at Burning Man. There is only one cafe that serves teas and coffees. This is the ONLY place where you can use cash. The rest you have to supply yourself. Having said that, people and also many camps share food, alcoholic beverages, water, and juices. When you buy food and drink prior to the event do NOT overbuy. You need to calculate that you will be eating twice a day. You can snack in between. I recommend the following foods – pasta/rice/crackers/nuts/cereals/energy bars/tinned sauces/tinned soups/tacos/popcorn and anything that does not go bad after a day. Buy fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, pears, and lemons. Make sure you buy electrolytes sachets, dilute with water and drink one a day. Drink lots and lots of water. I recommend buying foods at WHOLE FOODS. They do have the best and the healthiest stuff. Burning Man is a seven-day (yay) festival so you need to calculate food and drink for seven days.
Here is a list of what you need to buy. Remember there are NO shops at Burning Man. I recommend the following – batteries, lip balm, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, sun protection 50, toothbrush, toothpaste, condoms and all the usual things you need when you travel. But you also need to buy vinegar, to apply on your feet before going to bed. Particles of sand and dust get into your feet and if you do not take care of your feet you can have lots of trouble cycling and walking. There is dust everywhere. Get used to it and embrace it. Pack winter and summer clothes. The desert is hot during the day with temperatures up to 37 degrees and cold at night with temperatures below zero! It is also a tradition to take some kind of souvenir to give to people you meet at the Playa. You do not have to but it is a nice gesture. Be creative and original.

Before going to Burning Man I discovered a very helpful YouTube channel that is very easy to follow and full of very useful information. It is from this year but the information is still very relevant. Check it out.

Burning Man can be a life-changing experience. However, go with no expectations. Enjoy each second and embrace what the Playa has to offer – art, entertainment, music, new friendships, love and much more. This can be one of the best experiences of your life. Have fun, explore and take care of each other.

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