This year I decided to travel more. So just after 15 days of the new year (new year new me duh!) my friend Kris and I decided to check out Berlin Fashion Week. Waiting in the queue to go to  Kaltblut Magazine Presentation Shows was already very entertaining. Just looking at the trendy bloggers and fashionistas making their way to shows. I love Berlin for so many reasons. The latter is one of them. Here is what Kris captured backstage prior to the fab presentations.



If you go to Paris you visit the Eiffel Tower and if you go to Berlin you have to visit the best club in the world – BERGHAIN*, if you get in that is. Ye we did get in and spent ‘few’ hours in this Temple of decaDANCE. I actually prefer Panorama Bar, which is found on the higher level. The music is disco, groovy and funky. At one point crowd went crazy when ‘Big Love’ by Fleetwood Mac played on. And yes the picture above had to be taken outside. Pictures and videos are strictly prohibited in both clubs.

*It is named after its location near the border between KreuzBERG and FriedrichsHAIN.


Eating is as important as dancing. Anna Blume is classified as one of the top ten places for Breakfasts/Brunches in Berlin. And  if you go ,check out Anna Blume’s special. It is the real deal.

Danke Berlin.

Next Stop…….. New York City

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